We aren't your average business retreat. In fact, we reject the idea that education is stale or that a retreat can't ​also be a vacay. Instead we designed the retreat you deserve...

...A retreat that personalizes education to impact your brand, while giving you the tools to successful when you return home.

 retreat that combines the power of travel with a community of women, just like you.

...A retreat full of luxury, and you can write off your taxes.

Why settle for average, when you can have luxe? Meet The Luxe Retreat.


Content is your business. It's the images that get people to stop and notice.

The story that sells your services. And the consistency to make sure your efforts matter. 

The Luxe Retreat has designed education to dive into your #1 marketing tool – the content you share.

In attending The Luxe Retreat you will walk away with a 1:1 Instagram audit to give you direction, content management strategies proven to work from local a influncer with over 17K followers, and a hands on photography workshop to help make sure you get all that content. 


Networking is cool and all, but when you share an experience you are connected forever.

Attending The Luxe Retreat you are committed to being part of a community. A community of bad ass babes that know your struggles, celebrate your wins and are willing to jump in with support. 

And The Luxe Retreat Community doesn't just start and stop on the travel dates. You will be part of a private Facebook group where you can get to know each other prior to traveling, bounce ideas, and connect on your next collaboration.

Those that travel experience more; those that travel together level-up.


This isn't your average retreat. That's just not what we do.

We do experiential. We do the newest places. We do local touches. We do more.

Because we know when you commit to time away, to putting your life on pause (even for a weekend), to actually taking a much needed vacay - this is how it should look. Some will call it extra, we call it the retreat you deserve.



Education and access to some of Nashville’s best content experts... {Valued at $650}

Online album 14- hours worth of event photography captured over the two days... {Valued at $1,500}

A mini-session with event photographer Nomad Soul... {Valued at $200}

Substantial food and drink, Including the following event activities... {Valued at over $250}

Friday luncheon, Happy Hour, and dinner

Saturday brunch and all food/drink during the food + drink Instagram tour.

Sunday brunch

Entrance fees to Cheekwood Estates & Gardens and exclusive rights to use the ground for photography... {Valued at $1,500}

Two-night luxury accommodations at newly opened Dream Nashville... {Valued at $1,219}
Guaranteed every attendee will have their own bed. Option for roommate or single room


Luxury transportation to/from most event activities... {Valued at $1,000}

$35 Uber credit to cover transportation not offered during retreat

A weekend vacay designed by MLJ Vacay... {Valued at $250}


Retreat Tickets $1,895 - $2,200
prices increase August 1st