"So, I’m the most Type-A Type-B person on the planet... meaning I want everything planned just the way I want it, but have the flexibility to fly by the seat of my pants as I see fit. It makes me a bit hard to handle (ask my husband). But for my 30th, I wanted to treat myself. I had my sights set on a city jam-packed with bucket list items, and I knew the only person I could trust (other than me) to make my first-ever trip to NYC absolutely perfect was Melissa at MLJ Vacay. 


I’ve known Melissa for 10 years now (crazy!) and in the entirety of our friendship I’ve never known her to do anything that she didn’t make the effort to do well. I knew her vacation planning would be no different. From her careful upfront exploration of my needs, wants, and preferences for my vacay to the ways she managed to surprise and delight me throughout my itinerary, I couldn’t have asked for a better end-to-end experience. 


I had a few goals for this trip: shopping, a once-in-a-lifetime workout, seeing a show, and living like a local... a slightly boujee local. It was also important to strike a balance with things my husband would enjoy since this trip was super me-centric (and rightfully so!).


Melissa thoughtfully planned my itinerary around the two big bucket list items: training with my idol, Meg Takacs, and a Broadway play featuring none other than the magnificent Kerry. With those set, she architected the perfect shopping spree on day one. Not only did the charted course sandwich a delectable lunch at Le Coucou but the stores selected encompassed every aspect of my style. Fairly certain I was the only person in the city that day to buy a “Not today Satan!” plaque and a silk blouse. 


Day two brought the optional flexibility Melissa knew I’d need. After eating the best huevos rancheros I’d ever had in my life (along with a surprise complimentary champagne toast!!) and strolling along the Highline with my love, I was able to sneak in a walk through Central Park and a stop at Saks to buy my celebratory pair of Louboutins all before Ms. Washington made me ugly cry for a good 20 minutes. 


It was the perfect celebration of my three decades of life, and while I dreaded leaving the city, I hadn’t even left yet before deciding the next vacay I’d Melissa’s help with: a group trip to Vegas, baby! Can’t wait to see what she’ll have in store for me and my crew!"

- Kayla R.

New York City, NY

"Life is busy, we all know that, and yet we all crave a vacation to escape the craziness of our everyday lives, but thinking about planning a vacation - forget it! It seems like no one has time for that anymore. Thankfully, that's where I found the bliss of working with Melissa at MLJ Vacay. Having met through her very first event right here in the Twin Cities, we hit it off right off the bat and I had expressed to her how much I wanted to visit Charleston, SC. Melissa made me realize that my wish to Charleston didn't have to be just that and worked with me to create my dream itinerary for visiting both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA!


 My mom and I took 6 days off from our busy schedules and headed south for our dream mother-daughter getaway. And the best part? We didn't have to worry about planning a single thing. It was such a weight off of our shoulders to be able to put in all of our requests for the trip (such as kicking off the day at a neat coffee shop) and have the rest taken care of. Being able to arrive at our destination with each day strategically planned out for us was amazing! Melissa did an excellent job finding a variety of restaurants that were off the beaten path as well as included some local favorites that are known to be a "must." We had a wonderful time using out MLJ Vacay Itinerary as our guide through Chareston and Savannah and loved every minute of our vacay planned with MLJ Vacay!"


- Jozy C.

Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA

"Let's make one thing clear; I am not a planner.  It ended well only once when I asked my wife to marry me.  For our upcoming third anniversary, we were interested in a road trip with my motorcycle in tow. After contacting MLJ Vacay, we decided on Black Hills, SD. At the time, the only things I knew in South Dakota were an old friend, Mt. Rushmore and that it was on the way to Big Sky Mountain. I couldn't have been more impressed with our MLJ Vacay itinerary. It was 5-nights, 6-days of seeing the best South Dakota had to offer. If you love travel, great food/drink, good times and can't or don't want to plan it, MLJ Vacay should be the first item on your vacation to-do list."


- Benjamin J.

Black Hills, SD

"MLJ Vacay planned the most perfect girls trip to Texas for my 25th birthday! Our itinerary was so detailed and well thought out that the trip was completely stress free allowing us to enjoy every minute of, not only in Marfa, but also El Paso. Every restaurant, hotel, museum and activity was researched to make sure that everyone would enjoy this trip, not just the birthday girl. I can honestly say the trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable had I not used M L J Vacay to plan it!" 


- Molly M.

Marfa, TX

 "When it comes to planning a trip (or really anything), I immediately get anxious just thinking of where to start. Melissa, at MLJ Vacay, took all of those anxious feelings away! Her business model is perfect for those who might have the same feelings or really for someone who doesn't have the time to put as much thought into a trip as they would really like to. An MLJ Vacay trip will be one you won't soon forget. She is the queen of finding the best restaurants, which is one of my main focuses when it comes to visiting a new area. Or that  may not be familiar with. Although she was tasked with putting my bachelorette party together in a week due to a hurricane, it was as though it had been planned for months. I know when I plan my next vacation I will contact MLJ Vacay to put an itinerary together. Thank you so much for the lasting memories in Palm Springs, CA!"


- Abby S.

Palm Springs, CA 


  "MLJ Vacay planned the most amazing bachelorette party for me in Austin, TX to celebrate with my closest friends. She customized every single aspect, down to the last little detail, to fit my personality and unique style. She went above and beyond to plan several surprises throughout the weekend to ensure I felt like the most important and loved bride-to-be. Melissa from M L J Vacay is nothing short of incredible and her passion and experience truly shine in everything she does."


- Kelsey M.

Austin, TX