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Vacation Spotlight: Marfa, TX

December 8, 2017

One year ago we had the pleasure of planning a 25th birthday celebration to Marfa, TX.


The birthday girl wanted something unique, picturesque and being from Minnesota, she really wanted to see a wild cactus in person. We suggested Marfa.


Martha? Most respond. 


Marfa, TX is a small (population: 1,750) west Texas town three hours from El Paso. Although small, they are well known for their art scene. Ever seen a Prada store in the middle of a desert landscape on your Instagram? That's Marfa. Or maybe you know artist Donald Judd and the Chinati Foundation? That's Marfa. And they have cacti, lots of cacti. 


Vacation planning at MLJ Vacay starts with lodging recommendations. Because this girl's trip was planned for 4 nights we felt the girls should split their time in Marfa and El Paso - giving them an opportunity to see two cities in one. In Marfa the desert mood was solidified in choosing El Cosmico's airstreams. And in El Paso, the group opted to relax in luxury at the modern Hotel Indigo the last few days of their trip.


We we were tasked with planning a vacation itinerary focused on creating visual images perfect for their Instagram feeds (the girls bought and planned new outfits for this trip!) and giving them the best food and drinks in both cities - something of utmost importance to the birthday girl. Art exhibits, a private limo winery tour and a hike made this vacation perfect for a birthday girl who wanted to experience it all. 


A successful vacay can best be summed up in the photos taken to capture the moment, meal or atmosphere. And boy, did these girls do an excellent job capturing the mood of this December desert celebration.  Check out their trip below, and read Molly's testimonial here



Interested in heading to Marfa, TX or another city? Start by choosing your vacation planning package here.


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