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MLJ Vacay Sample Itinerary (Updated for 2019!)

January 15, 2019

Dinner at Lodgic Everyday Kitchen, Champaign, IL


Since launching in 2018 we've had several people interested in seeing a sample itinerary. And honestly, it's something  I've been very hesitant to do.


First, the very nature of an itinerary is extremely personal. MLJ Vacay vacation planning services don't provide you with cookie cutter items found on TripAdvisor top 10. Instead we take the time to understand your vacay musts and tailor your itinerary selections to reflect how you wish to vacay. An itinerary for the same city could be completely different every time, and this gave me a great deal of pause in sharing a sample. I struggled (probably more than I should have) with how I could show a sample and make sure it was valuable to anyone looking at it.


Second, providing a sample itinerary inherently involved giving away a planned vacation. As a new business owner, that was a scary concept. The fear that followers may only use your free content. But eventually considered it just like highlighting my own vacations on Instagram stories. I couldn't let giving away information stop me from showing well-meaning people the end product.


As a service based company MLJ Vacay knows it can be hard for customers to envision what a planned vacation may ultimately look like. What is the tangible product? Ultimately, we wanted to remove the barrier of the unknown and any hesitation that came with it. So, without further ado, we are excited to present a sample 2-4 day vacation itinerary!

For this (pretend) customer, we planned an itinerary focused on a girl's weekend getaway to my hometown of Champaign, IL.  As self-proclaimed foodies (and drinkies), restaurant selection was of utmost importance to the customer. They also wanted a weekend filled with local experiences - something MLJ Vacay believes is fundamental in all vacation planning.


To view our sample itinerary, click here! And shop all vacation planning packages here




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