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Houston, We Have a Business!

October 20, 2017


Starting a business is something I can remember always wanting to do. In fact, I have business plans that date back to 1999 when I wanted to be a fashion designer. I don't think I actually wanted to be a fashion designer, but I was ten and thought that's what it looked like to be an entrepreneur.   


To be fair, even in my adult years it's taken awhile to figure out what my business would look like. Those closest to me would hear me talking about starting a business, and say "What iteration are you on?" - unsure if I had switched to a new idea (again).  


The truth is, I thought that a business had to be more complicated and flashy than just your hobby.  So truly, the idea for MLJ Vacay didn't happen until recently.  Vacation planning? I love doing that. Do others need this? 


I started to connect the dots.


Our society leads incredibly busy lives, and by default when you take time off from your obligations it means something. There suddenly becomes an unspoken expectation that your time off needs to be perfect . Traveling alone, in a group or with your family there becomes pressure to make it worth the time. And cue stress. 


When I figured out that something I've done for years could provide value to others by alleviating that stress, I realized my hobby was the business I’d been searching for all these years. And just like that MLJ Vacay was born.


And I am so excited to plan your vacation! 


Melissa, Owner of MLJ Vacay

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