Did you know the average U.S. employee only takes about half of his or her vacation time? I have never been one of them.


In fact, in job interviews I've been asked "What are some of your hobbies?" and I've responded with "vacation planning." It's taken employers by surprise. Maybe because half the working population isn't taking their vacation time - what a useless hobby, right? 


But to me, planning a vacation is an art.  

This is probably because I am the by-product of the ultimate vacation-planning mom. At a young age, my mom instilled in me the importance of taking time off from work. It was because she valued vacations that I grew up traveling the country taking immaculately planned family trips. To this day, we still take time to vacay together...and you should see her itineraries! 

Over the last several years, planning vacations for others has been a huge part of my life. While bachelorette parties are a necessary evil for many bridal parties, I couldn't wait to take them on. Repeatedly, the women who attended my bachelorette parties said it wasn't like other vacations they'd taken and I was solicited to plan their future trips. It was in these moments it dawned on me: people don't like to plan like I do.  

And why don't they? Most responders in Glassdoor's survey indicated "not having the time" and "overall stress" as the reasons vacation time goes unused. Well, I believe it is time to take the vacation back! 

I created MLJ Vacay for the person who doesn't have the time to dedicate to planning the vacation she envisions. For the person who wants to take a vacation, but is too stressed with where to start. For the person who isn't wild about using his free-time to do, what feels like, more work.  Or quite simply, for the person who appreciates being able to off-load one of her many responsibilities. In fact, the only person MLJ Vacay isn't for is my mom. 

We make vacation planning simple. Let us help you experience the most out of your vacay. 


Melissa, Owner of MLJ Vacay